Over 5 years of cooperation with AGCO-RM, we have helped the company build the reputation and image of the Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra brands in our country, as well as win and maintain the first place in terms of the number of mentions in media.

AGCO-RM is a distributor of AGCO Corporation equipment, which was founded in 2013. The company offers a wide range of self-propelled agricultural machinery and equipment.

Over 5 years of cooperation, we have helped the company create an image and build a brand reputation in Russia, as well as take the first place in terms of the number of mentions in the media compared to Western competitors.

In order to build the reputation of AGCO-RM and such brands as Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra, we created a holistic communication strategy and a presence strategy in each channel, and formulated the “voices” of both the distributor and each individual brand.

With the help of deep immersion in the topic, marketing and PR communications, we were able to annually contribute to the increase in sales of the corporation's equipment in Russia, as well as maintain a leading position in terms of the number of mentions in the media.


Build AGCO-RM’s reputation as a trusted distributor of world-famous technology, manage content and introduce a new approach to media relations.


We deeply immersed ourselves in the topic and in close cooperation with the client formed the communication strategy of the company and brands in Russia, identified channels, and built regular interaction with the media.

We managed all text content materials starting from press releases to social media posts. We created and successfully used them to promote the company in external communication channels. We also suggested the production and promotion of video content in the format of customer reviews and equipment overviews.

Additionally, we have annually held dealer training conferences on PR communications for 5 years, and also helped dealers organize targeted regional events dedicated to demonstrations, launching new products and opening dealerships.


  • creation of a communication strategy;
  • interaction with media representatives and bloggers;
  • preparation of the content usable in various channels;
  • analysis of the audience of agrarian communities in the social networks;
  • setting up contextual advertising and implementing crops in specialized communities to generate traffic to distributors’ sites;
  • generation of creative ideas;
  • carrying out targeted special projects (including coverage of customer reviews);
  • conducting trainings for dealers.

AGCO-RM has significantly increased sales of its equipment. In 2021, the growth was 20%, which is directly related to the continuous strengthening of marketing communications provided by our agency.

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