In the first 10 months of work with Avito, our team achieved a KPI of 50 thousand publications about the company, made the service a reliable partner of the largest media and showed that Avito retained the status of a market leader.

Avito is a popular online service for posting ads about goods, services, and even career positions. The brand operates in the C2C category. The key idea is that users post up-to-date information about products, services and positions. The service was launched in 2007.

In the first 10 months of cooperation, our team did a great job and achieved excellent results. We exceeded the ambitious KPI of 50,000 publications about Avito, emphasized that the company remained the market leader, and also helped the service become a reliable partner of the key Russian media.

To do this, the team monitored ads on Avito 24/7, looked for interesting informational reasons, drew creative conclusions from “boring” analytical data, and also worked closely with federal and regional media.

Thanks to all the efforts and observation of C2C culture, Avito has become a digital mirror of the real life of Russians.


To turn the largest electronic advertisement board into a source of reliable information about the most important aspects of Russian life. To become a reliable media partner for the leading Russian media.

To achieve KPI of 50,000 publications about the service.


The PRP team studied vast amounts of data on a daily 24/7 basis, identifying future media hits. We talked about Gagarin’s helmet and Raphael’s masterpiece, about the explosive demand for hats “like Khabib”, where the slenderest brides live and where a student should go, about a car completely covered by leather, about the real estate market during FIFA and about the passport and manuscripts of Viktor Tsoi found after decades.

In addition, we carried out consistent work with regional and federal media, which allowed Avito to become their reliable partner.


  • monitoring and analysis of ads 24/7;
  • creative conclusions from boring analytics;
  • writing and promoting news about what is of interest for Russians here and now;
  • constant PR support in real time;
  • individual work with federal and regional mass media with a base of over 3,000 contacts.

In the first 10 months of work, more than 50k publications about Avito were received, which is 300% higher than in the previous year. In addition, the publication advantage compared to the immediate competitor has more than tripled.

The number of publications in each vertical increased by 4-6 times. Avito received recognition from the leading media that shaped the Russian news agenda. Journalists asked to add their email addresses to the Avito mailing list in order to quickly receive information from us. Recognized editions regularly took our data for the preparation of articles on an exclusive basis and requested expert comments on the situations on various Russian markets.

The case “Avito, a digital mirror of Russia” won IPRA Golden World Awards 2019 and PROBA AWARD 2019, both in the nomination Media relations.

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