We closely work with the largest international and local companies. In our daily routine, we adhere to the highest world standards, while avoiding bureaucracy, formalism, and pathos in communicating with each other. We expect the same from you too.

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Why us?

  • Your professional and personal growth is an integral part of our strategy. We competently set the path of your development on each steps. We know how to develop and support career ambitions and help you maximize your potential.
    We share experience and improve your knowledge and skills within the corporate training programs.
  • We represent one of the largest networks and have direct access to advanced practices. We expect you to be ready to use English confidently in your daily work.
    Students working with us can combine work and study. A flexible schedule can guarantee a balance between all spheres of your life.

Intern with us

  • An internship at PRP is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a dynamic professional environment, show yourself in working on real projects and get into the world of the largest international and Russian companies. Find out how they live and how they build a reputation. Gain experience and knowledge.

    We invite students currently enrolled in leading universities with majors in various disciplines from PR, advertising, design, marketing, sociology, history, philology, and other humanitarian programs to economics and a line up of exact sciences for an internship. We give special preference to students of technical universities who are interested marketing communications and want to realize themselves in this profession.
  • What we expect from the candidates:
    - ability to work with text and express thoughts correctly both orally and in writing
    - proficiency in English at the Intermediate level and above
    - sociability and openness
    - willingness to learn and share your knowledge.

    The terms and conditions of the internship are discussed individually. Usually, it takes one to three months depending on applicant. Upon completion of the internship, a certificate and a letter of recommendation are issued. The most successful and outstanding interns are in many cases invited to work as a part of PRP team.



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