We adapted the slogan and developed a multi-stage, multi-channel 360° strategy to increase awareness in Russia of the South Korean brand of DORCO razors. Now the website, paid promo, PR, SMM, event and influence marketing form a clear, holistic view of DORCO company and products in the media space.

DORCO is a South Korean brand of innovative razors with more than 60 years of history and the world's first razor using a unique technology of 7 curved blades.

Together with the client we segmented the target audience and decided to focus our communication on the generation of Zoomers. As part of the strategy, we identified the main advantages of the brand, adapted the slogan and formed a position in the Russian market.

DORCO has become a motivator, inspirer and high-tech assistant for a "smooth start of the day". We also developed a suitable corporate identity and "voice".


Form a clear image, positioning DORCO brand in the Russian market.
Raise awareness of products in particular among the zoom generation.



audit of all traffic channels, website and marketplaces where the brand is represented.

full SMM support.

creating an image video using Motion Capture, photogrammetry and CGI technologies.
DORCO’s flagship razors and real-life Zoomers have been transported to a fully simulated digital world, where the whole day runs smoothly thanks to a comfortable shave and favorite morning rituals;

paid promotional campaign, including the promotion of the video.

SEO-optimization, redesign and content creation for the website.

E-sport activations and integration into the Moscow Esports Festival.

work with KOLs and special projects for gender holidays.

We prepared a two-stage approach, where the first part was aimed at brand recognition through integration with bloggers from different segments in TikTok, IG, Irecommend, Telegram.
The second part focused on the brand engagement through podcasts and integration with YouTube bloggers;

press releases and publications in the leading media.
We prepared customized materials specifically for the media of different segments: lifestyle, family, tech and youth.

  • SMM

5% increase in organic and paid reach in the first 6 months of the campaign.

The number of comments, likes, shares in social networks increased monthly by 3%.

More than 8K clicks from social media networks to the DORCO website and partner marketplaces.


  • Мероприятие (DORCO x ФКСМ x Winstrike)

50K+​ event visitors.

18K potential visitors to DORCO branded photo zone.

122M+​ − OTS​ total coverage, including partner references.

170K − total coverage in SMM, including partner communities on VKontakte.

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